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Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy and smoking

I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy’s album. The music is great. It’s a mix of pop, indie rock, and punk.

Save Rock and Roll album cover

the album cover of Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll

“The cover of Save Rock and Roll features a photograph of two young boys — one wearing traditional monk robes, the other in jeans and a T-shirt, smoking a cigarette — taken by Roger Stonehouse in Burma.” from the Wikipedia article.

I like that the album cover is from Myanmar (Burma) where I was born but I am a saddened that the boy is smoking a cigarette. People of Myanmar, please don’t start smoking cigarettes! They are terrible for our health, especially our lungs with diseases such as emphysema, COPD, and lung cancer. The health care system is already the lowest in the world. We must work to raise our health!

This article says that the cigarette companies are targeting Myanmar youths with advertising. These companies should uphold their ethical obligation to educate the people of the health dangers of smoking and cease advertising to youths. The people must demand the government to regulate the advertising. We also need more people like U Tin Maung, an 89-year old who have been campaigning for six decades to educate the people about the health effects of smoking.