Yale University

Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy, Biostatistics

Yale School of Public Health

Master of Public Health, Biostatistics, May 2010

University of Illinois at Chicago

Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, May 2008, magna cum laude

Professional Experience

Yale School of Medicine

Statistician / May 2010-May 2012

Applied statistical analysis for the performance of biomarkers for predicting acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery for the multi-center TRIBE-AKI study. Analyzed ROC and AUC for risk discrimination and NRI for reclassification. Applied quantile regression to obtain eGFR percentile in pediatric population. Prepared analytial datasets from TrialDB. Helped colleagues with statistical advice and R & SAS programming.

Connecticut Emerging Infections Program

Summer Intern / May 2009-Aug. 2009

Conducted chart reviews of hospitalizations for influenza surveillance of New Haven County and contacted physician offices for patient history; revised and prepared the internet-based survey of lab for tick-borne diseases burden and practices for TickNET surveillance system.

YSM Office of Institutional Planning and Communications

Web Associate / Sept. 2008-May 2009

Edited, maintained, and evaluated the usability of Yale School of Medicine web sites and transferred content to Tridion, a content management system.

UIC Department of Chemistry Král Research Group

Research Assistant / Feb. 2006-Aug. 2008

Researched fluids of water in carbon nanotubes with computational molecular dynamics methods and prepared a paper for submission; maintained and administrated Unix and Windows networked computers and clusters; designed the research group website.

UIC Family Start Learning Center

Teaching Assistant / Sept. 2006-May 2007

Tutored parents in reading and mathematics for the GED high school diploma examination.

UIC Academic Computing and Communications Center

Office Consultant / Aug. 2004-Feb. 2007

Supported students, faculty, and staff with computing services such as user accounts, e-mail, software, software sales, computer labs and printing, residential, campus, and wireless networks.


Yale School of Public Health

probability theory, theory of statistics, categorical data analysis, applied regression analysis, applied survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, topics in genetic epidemiology, fundamentals of clinical trials, design of epidemiological studies, principles of epidemiology i, epidemiology of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases, GIS applications in epidemiology and public health

University of Illinois at Chicago

calculus, linear algebra, intro to programming, discrete structures and algorithms i, ecology and evolution, genetics, biochemistry, concepts in geography; science and philosophy


Statistical Packages: SAS, R Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Fortran, shell scripting


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Yale Journal of Health Policy Law and Ethics, Webmaster and Staff Editor, Sept. 2008-May 2010

University of Illinois Medical Center, Physical Therapy Dept, Volunteer, Jan. 2006-Oct. 2007

Honors and Awards

Ruth and Milton Steinbach Scholarship, UIC Scholarship Association Award, UIC Chancellor Student Service Award, Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, Sarah Madonna Kabbes Scholarship, Herbert E. Paaren Research Scholarship, Benjamin B. Freud Award for Scientific Excellence, Phi Beta Kappa